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An all-in-one gym membership management software system made for gyms and health clubs of all sizes.

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International promotion of the Perfect Gym sports club management software platform by participating in the Go To Brand Action, co-financed by the European Union.

Club Member Self-service

Club Member Self-service

Give control to your club members with our premium fitness software solutions for self-service.

Increase Club Retention

With our advanced analytics and reporting, you can increase your gym\'s retention rate and keep your members focused on their fitness performance.

Increase Club Retention
Sales & Marketing

Sales & Marketing

Increase your fitness club's sales and marketing performance with a platform designed to increase club member acquisition.


Our health club and fitness management software solutions are tailor made to help you run all operational aspects of your club with ease.


We are a Physical and Emotional Business

We provide fitness software solutions to customers in more than 50 countries all over the world. As industry leaders, it's our responsibility to be at the forefront of gym management software innovation and to cultivate the newest fitness trends and advances into actionable tools that can contribute to our customers' mission of bringing wellness and happiness to the lives of their members.

Be Convenient

Convenience is now the currency that drives customer loyalty. Our gym software helps clubs find more ways to make life convenient for their members everyday.

Be Data-driven

Collect more data-driven insights from a fitness software provider that predicates itself on being data first at all times.

Be a Brand

Collect more data-driven insights from a fitness software provider that predicates itself on being data first at all times.

We initially deployed with the Point-of-sale system and the powerful back office app, Perfect Gym Manager. Now we're in the process of implementing the Perfect Gym Go Mobile App, Client Portal and in-club Kiosk module. The Perfect Gym Software and the knowledge of the Perfect Gym team with the support they offer, it’s absolutely first class!
former COO of Gold’s Gym Indonesia

Digitally Transform Your Health Club

As consumers become more in control over their well-being, fitness clubs must be digitally prepared to service members with a variety of options and fitness experiences. Our fitness software acts as a digital platform to facilitate these experiences by utilizing data and integrations to make digital transformation for fitness facilities more possible.

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