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What to Bring on Your Deep Sea Fishing Charter

You have your deep sea fishing charter scheduled, it’s time to start gathering items that you may need on the day of your trip. Whether you’ve been deep sea fishing before, or this is your first charter experience with the Finest Kind, this list of items to bring will help as both a guide and a checklist. Our “What to Bring” list includes everything from basic necessities to comfort enhancements during your deep sea fishing trip with the Finest Kind.

When determining what you should bring, always keep in mind the amount of time that you will be on the boat, as well as the weather for the time of year that your trip is scheduled. In addition, children and elderly anglers typically require more fluids during warmer months of the year, so always keep your group’s special needs in mind when planning what to bring on your deep sea fishing charter.

Food and Drinks

The amount of food and drinks that you’ll need to bring for your charter really depends on your own eating habits, and the length of your charter. If you snack every couple of hours, or if you have children in your group, you may want to bring some extra snacks. As far as the drinks, always bring plenty of fluids to keep you hydrated during your trip.

You’ll need to bring enough food and drinks to last your group the length of your charter. For example, if the charter lasts 6 hours, then bring a morning snack and a lunch. If you are planning a 12 hour trip, you may want to bring a morning snack, lunch, and an afternoon snack. When shopping for food to bring on your charter, think light. Avoid greasy foods and highly concentrated juices, and opt for items like water, Gatorade, crackers, cold sandwiches, chips, etc. This will also help with seasickness prevention.

If you are traveling to Destin, there are three ways to acquire your food and drinks for the charter. You can hit up one of the local grocery stores, (we have WalmartWinn DixieTarget, and Publix in Destin), order lunch from a local catering service, or order online and have your groceries delivered to your resort by one of Destin’s grocery delivery services.

If you choose to use a catering or grocery delivery service, we recommend that you arrange your order to be delivered the day before your charter, or at least two hours before the scheduled departure time. Some delivery services require advanced notices for early morning deliveries, as well. We have compiled a list of some of the most popular catering and grocery delivery services below for your convenience.

Popular Charter Catering Options

Big Red Grill 850-654-4070
Jim ‘N Nicks’ 850-729-7202
Subway 850-654-1177
Firehouse Subs 850-424-7331
Another Broken Egg Café 850-650-0499
Tropical Smoothie Café 850-796-2388

Grocery Delivery Services

Destin Grocery Girls 850-512-2347
Be My Shopper 855-746-7850
The Beach Butlers 850-276-0764
White Sands Grocery Delivery 850-368-1446


Cooler and Ice

Bring a cooler to keep your drinks and sandwiches cold during your charter. The size of the cooler depends on the size of your group and the amount of drinks needed to keep your group hydrated for the duration of your trip. Keep in mind that multiple large coolers take up space on the boat. If you’re planning to join a group charter, a small or medium cooler is appropriate. For large private charters, one large cooler, or two medium coolers may be more fitting for your trip.

After the trip, your catch will be filleted and bagged by the crew. You may choose to put the bagged fillets in the cooler used for drinks and cold sandwiches during your trip, or have a back-up cooler in your vehicle to use for your fillets. Choosing to bring a back-up cooler for your catch depends on personal preference.

Ice for your catch is included with your charter. Most of our guests prefer to pick up a bag or two for drinks on the morning of departure. There is a service station across the street from the Emerald Grande, and several others along HWY 98. There is also a marina near the boat slip. Just remember to give your group enough time to get ice and be back to the boat at least 30 minutes before your designated departure time.


The state of Florida is nicknamed the Sunshine State for a reason. The sun shines year-round, and you can even acquire a nice tan, or sunburn, on a cloudy day. For this reason, a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen are recommended on all charters for your own protection.

A wide-brimmed hat is recommended to protect your face and neck from the sun during your deep sea fishing trip. A breathable, quick dry material is best, but also depends on personal preference. If you would rather wear a baseball cap, consider using a sunshield. The sunshield is made of breathable material, wraps around your face and neck, and protects your skin from harmful UV rays.

Sunglasses are necessary for protecting your eyes from the sun’s reflection atop the water. When choosing the right sunglasses for your deep sea fishing trip, always go with polarized lenses. In addition to protecting your eyes from harmful rays, polarized lenses will can help you to see further away in the Gulf of Mexico.

Check out What to Wear on a Deep Sea Fishing Trip for more information on choosing the perfect hat and sunglasses for your charter.

Sunscreen is a necessity anytime you’re enjoying the outdoors in the state of Florida. The Finest Kind has an air-conditioned cabin for guests to take a break from the sun, but you’ll want to spend most of your time on the back deck during your charter experience. Make sure that you choose a sunscreen that is at least 30+ SPF to protect your skin from the bright sun, and the suns reflection on the surface of the water.

Sickness Prevention 

Seasickness is the last thing that you want to experience during your deep sea fishing charter. There are several remedies and medications to help with seasickness prevention. If this is your first time on the water, or if you have a history of motion sickness, talk to your doctor about the best options available for you.

There are also several medications in a variety of forms over the counter. The most popular brand is Dramamine. If you choose to take the pill, remember to get it in your system with the first dose the night before your scheduled charter.

For tips on seasickness prevention remedies check out our blog 101 Fishing Tips from the Net. Scroll to #78-90 for tips on preventing seasickness.

 Camera Phone with a Waterproof Case

You’ll want to capture those trophy catches and once in a lifetime memory making opportunities during your charter experience. A few years ago, cameras were second to none on capturing images that tell the story. Today, most adventurers pull out a cell phone for pictures and videos like never before. Though cellular phones are known to lose service just a few miles from shore, you’re welcome to bring them along for taking pictures and videos.

We recommend bringing a water proof case along for cameras and phones. You are welcome to store them in the cabin while they are not in use, but unless your equipment is waterproof, there is always a chance of getting wet when you’re capturing a moment on the deck. A waterproof case can help to protect your camera or cell phone from the elements and protecting your personal property is always recommended.

The Finest Kind is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged personal items, including cameras and cell phones, so bring them at your own risk.

 We Wipes and a Small Towell

Wet wipes and a small towel will come in handy during your charter experience, but this again is determined by personal preference. Keep in mind that marine life is slimy, and baiting hooks can become messy. Also, clean hands after applying sunscreen is important for preventing transfer of scented sunscreen to bait, and reeling in the big ones can also cause a grown man to break a sweat. For these reasons, wet wipes to quickly wipe your hands and a small towel to wipe your face are convenient for anglers of all ages.

 What to Bring Extra for Kids

  • Extra Snacks and Drinks
  • Life Vest
  • Seasickness Prevention for Children
  • Change of Clothes


Let’s face it. The kids can go through food and drinks way faster than an adult at home. The same applies out in the Gulf of Mexico. As previously stated, children require more fluids during outdoor adventures in Florida’s hot sun. It is always a great idea to pack a little extra for your children. Let’s say, for every snack that you pack for yourself, pack two for your child. For every drink that you pack for yourself, pack two for your child.

 Life Vest

Though a life vest is not required, and we do have child sized life vests on board, some children find that their personal life vests are more comfortable. You are welcome to bring your child’s life vest on board for your deep sea fishing charter if you would prefer.

 Sickness Prevention for Children

Over the counter seasickness prevention medication is recommended for children during deep sea fishing charters. However, it is important that you read the labels when choosing the right dosage for your child. What works for you may not work for your child. Make sure that the medication that you buy is appropriate for your child’s age range and weight.

 Change of Clothes

Depending on the age and preferences of your child, we find that sensory sensitivity is stronger in younger age groups. Wetness is a factor on any deep sea fishing charter. If you think that your child would do better with a change of clothes midway, on the way in, or when you get back to the dock, you are welcome to bring them along.

 What to Bring for Overnight Charters

  • Items from What to Bring Basics
  • Extras to Last Overnight
  • Sleeping Bag and Pillow
  • Change of Clothes and Toiletries

Items from What to Bring Baics 

For overnight charters, stick to the What to Bring Basics list as a guide in preparing for your charter. You will need to bring food, drinks, a cooler with ice, a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, seasickness prevention, a camera or phone, wet wipes and a small towel. The amount that you bring should reflect the time that you are spending on the boat.

 Extras to Last Overnight

You may want to bring a large cooler to hold your cold foods and drinks for an overnight charter. You’ll be out on the water overnight, so think about breakfast foods mid-day snacks, lunches, and light meal dinners when choosing what kinds of foods to bring. This will depend on your personal eating habits and the times that you will depart and return to the dock. As always, remember to bring plenty of water to stay hydrated during your trip.

Make sure to bring enough seasickness prevention to last the length of your charter. Read the labels and calculate the amount that you will need according to the length of time that the medication should last.

 Sleeping Bag and Pillow

If you’re planning on sleeping during your overnight charter, we recommend bringing a sleeping bag and a pillow. We have sleeping quarters available, and extra space for lounging in the cabin. To learn more about the interior of the Finest Kind, CLICK HERE.

 What to Wear

Pack an extra change of clothes or two depending on the length of your overnight charter, whether 18 plus hours or 3 day trips. Again, this will depend on personal preference and your comfort. Also, consider any toiletries that you may wish to use to refresh yourself during your charter. Anything that you may typically bring to an overnight stay in a hotel room is appropriate for your overnight charter.


  • Comfortable Apparel
  • Non-Slip Shoes
  • Hat and Sunglasses

Comfortable Apparel 

When considering what to wear deep sea fishing, think comfort. There are clothes made to aid in comfort during a day of deep sea fishing, and they really work. Quick-dry, breathable materials that are fish slime and stain resistant are what the pros wear most of the time. However, we’ve had as many anglers with t-shirts and jeans as we’ve had with deep sea fishing apparel. The most important thing is that you are comfortable in what you are wearing while in a reeling battle with a big fish.

Dress appropriately for the time of year and the weather, and wear layers that you can easily peel off when it starts to warm up in the middle of the day.  Just keep in mind that you are likely to get wet and dirty with fish slime during your charter. Don’t wear your church clothes or anything that requires dry cleaning.

Also, you may consider bringing along rain gear, like a poncho or rain jacket, just in case we run into a shower on the day of your charter.

Check out What to Wear on a Deep Sea Fishing Trip for more information about deep sea fishing apparel.

 No Slip Shoes

Probably one of the most important items that you choose to wear will be non-slip shoes. It’s wet out in the Gulf of Mexico, and the water tends to make its presence known. Whether you choose to wear deck shoes, sneakers, or sandals, make sure that they are equipped with non-slip bottoms.

 Hats and Sunglasses

The appropriate hat and sunglasses were discussed in the What to Bring Basics section, but they are worth mentioning again here. You want to make sure that you are wearing a hat that will protect your face and neck, and sunglasses that will protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays. This is important during your deep sea fishing charter since the rays will be hitting you from above and below as the sun will reflects atop the water.

 What NOT to Bring

  • It’s Already on the Boat
  • No Illegal Drugs

 It’s Already on The Boat

The fishing license, gear, bait, tackle, and ice for your catch are included in your charter fee with the Finest Kind. Occasionally, we have anglers who would rather use their own gear, and you are welcome to bring them aboard. However, if you choose to bring your own fishing gear, please understand that we are not responsible for any personal belongings that might become lost or damaged during your charter. Rest assured that we are fishing with the best equipment available today, and teaching our guests to use the Finest Kind fishing gear is part of the deep sea fishing experience.

 No Illegal Drugs

Of course, none our customers should have to ask, but just in case; illegal drugs are not allowed on the Finest Kind for any reason. If you have a condition by which you must take prescription medication, please bring along your prescription bottles with the appropriate name printed on the label. You may bring canned beer on the boat, but please do not bring glass bottles as they pose a threat if dropped on deck.