Luxury Charter Fishing
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Frequently Asked Questions for Charter Fishing

What kind of fishing will we be doing?
Bottom fishing, Trolling or Sight fishing depending upon your request.

How far offshore do we go?
We travel approx.15 miles on the 5 – 6 hours trips and up to 80 miles or more on longer trips.

 What is the maximum capacity?
22 passengers, excluding captain and mate.

 What’s included?
Gear, License, Rods and Reels, Instructions and fish cleaning, Captain and Mate.

 What should I bring?
Something to eat and drink, sunscreen, camera and rain gear just in case.

 What about seasickness?
Check with your doctor but most people do well with Dramamine when taken as directed.

 Can I keep my fish?
Absolutely!! Your mate will clean and bag them for you.

 Should I show up early?
Yes, please arrive at the boat at least 10 minutes before departure.

 How much should I tip?
20% is customary for the mate/mates.